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Fast 1kB functional library for creating Finite State Machines

# state

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The state export is a function that returns a state object. A state can take transitions, immediates as arguments.

import { createMachine, state, transition } from 'robot3';

const machine = createMachine({
idle: state(
transition('first', 'input')

input: state(
reduce((ctx, ev) => ({ ...ctx, first: }))

# Final state

A state with no transitions or immediates. In other libraries you have to make a state as final with { type: 'final' } or some other sort of configuration. We don't have a configuration because it is not necessary; by definition a machine with no transitions cannot go to another state anyways.

You might find it convenient to have a final function anyways. You can achieve this by aliasing state to final like so:

import { createMachine, state, state as final } from 'robot3';

const machine = createMachine({
pending: state(
transition('done', 'finished')
finished: final()

This improves readability so it is a recommended pattern.